Email Marketing

Is email marketing still relevant?

With social media becoming the status quo of communication, is email marketing even worth bothering with? I’ve been hearing for a few years that the death of email marketing is imminent. I still think it’s alive and kicking based on the amazing results from client campaigns.

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Comparing apples and oranges

I received an email from an industry group I’m subscribed too. Well two emails, with slightly different subject lines. I’ve met the person who normally sends the eBlasts through industry events. That was a point of intrigue, although not my point. Same person, different yet similar subject lines. Why do I even care or bothering to comment? Because I ignored the first one as “bleh, I’ll add it to my read later folder, it’s an eBlast”, and the second one although mildly different I opened.

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How many ways do you split?

What makes you open an email? Do you do that last minute email check before you head off to bed? Maybe I’m just weird? I normally skim the sender, subject line and I have the mini-preview setting on my primary inbox……I know, I know, I should be off and counting z’s. Some subject lines are just too tempting! Do you know what makes your readers open up?

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