Unity Water

unityConducted a review of the effectiveness of the communications strategy for Unity Water’s recently established Enterprise Program Management Office. Developed a roadmap to support enhancement of PMO capability as well as a communication framework and toolkit for use in PMO projects to enable future delivery.

In August, provided emergency relief and business change recovery by developing a multifaceted approach to mitigate a high level of change resistance. Strategically mitigated adoption risk whilst operating in a severely time constrained environment through focusing efforts on development of team management capability. Designed a mentoring approach to support reinforcement of new behaviours during the transition period for the People and Culture department.

  • Evaluated the change communications strategy to review and revise tactics in response to stakeholder feedback and business readiness assessments.
  • Designed and implemented frameworks and process improvements to support communication activities within existing project methodologies.
  • Developed and implemented an integrated change communication strategy to support the engagement and successful adoption of new capability.

Lesleigh was engaged for a short period of time to develop a change and communications plan. As a result of this engagement I can recommend Lesleigh as someone with a good knowledge of change and communication practice. She is enthusiastic, works well in a team and communicates well with stakeholders at all levels.
Troy Conlan, PMO Director, Unitywater

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