White Ribbon Queensland 2009

whiteribbonIn 2009 Leigh had the privilege of coordinating the Queensland White Ribbon Campaign on behalf of Australia’s CEO Challenge.  Holistically the 2009 campaign grew by more than 350%. We saw significant growth specifically in:

  • the number of events and increased community participation,
  • new ambassadors joining the Queensland Ambassador Program, key note addresses and ambassador-led events,
  • growth of staff-led awareness campaigns across the corporate sector, and
  • extraordinary state-wide media (radio, print, tv) coverage between October – December.

Campaign approach

1. Develop and disemminate White Ribbon campaign and domestic and family violence awareness and prevention collateral

Leigh coordinated and developed the state-level campaign marketing including a web site, social media, banners, promotional items and brochures as well as leveraging existing collateral from Queensland Department of Communities, Queensland Police Service, DV Connect and provided regional event coordinators with local DV Prevention Centre contacts for locally produced materials and resources.

Like with all digital media, the White Ribbon Queensland site has grown and redevelopment to support the continuing extraordinary growth of the 2009 campaign. I am so proud to have been part of the start it.

2. Raise community and corporate awareness through events

a vast majority of the events, nearly doubled the Queensland Ambassador program and led an active role in the campaign blooming into the largest effort Queensland (and Australia) has seen to date.

3. Increase the White Ribbon Ambassador membership through support program

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