Feeling Overwhelmed, and Conquering It!

Like most people I know, I’m really busy. I run my professional practice, put my family high on my priority list, and run several online businesses as well. There is so much to do every day and it’s no wonder I often feel pressured, and sometimes overwhelmed. Then I procrastinate about the jobs that are a bit tedious or are going to take a lot of time.

Years ago at college I got onto a blend of the Australian Bush Flower Essences which made a massive difference in helping me deal with the study overwhelm! I still make up the blend:

  • Jacaranda – for when you feel scattered
  • Paw-paw – for feeling overwhelmed by work
  • Peach-flowered Tea Tree – for feeling overwhelmed by work
  • and sometimes, Yellow Clowslip Orchid, when I need to make impartial decisions.

I’ve shared this overwhelm blend with many people over the years, and not only does it make a difference during times of overwhelm, but it seems to balance the energies around that as well, so that it never quite gets to the same level again. That’s my experience with the Bushies anyway 🙂 Also, EFT Tapping is awesome for feelings of overwhelm, and you can learn that in my free EFT tapping ebook, Take Two – click here to get it.

But still, sometimes things fall through the cracks, and I get stressed and anxious about missing things (can we say perfectionist? Yes we can :)!

Last week, a guy I’ve taken a few marketing courses from sent me a link to a new bit of software he said was clearing up all those issues for him. I’m a bit sceptical about that to be honest, there’s so much hype online! But I liked his stuff and so I had a look. And if it only did half of what it claimed to do, I reckoned it was worth the $27!

And I’m delighted with it! I’ve used my Outlook task manager for years, with reminders. I even used a couple of add-ons which were supposed to make the whole thing easier (sadly also very complicated!) But the long long list of tasks often added to my feeling of overwhelm.

This software, Action Enforcer, is different! You type in your tasks with the time you estimate it will take you to get each one done. Action Enforcer adds up how much time you’ll spend doing those tasks. When you begin a task, you click “start” on the timer. If you’re like me and often underestimate how long it takes to get things done (and that adds to the pressure feeling!), this software is a game-changer!

I’ve only been using it for just over a week, and in the run up to a workshop I was organising last Sunday, I loaded all the tasks into the timers and got done in half the time I thought it would take, with half the stress! Because the timer counts down, there’s that feeling of needing to focus to get the job done, and in the time it usually takes me to do just my newsletter each week, I’m also writing this little review, I’m that impressed with it 🙂

The really big thing for me is because now I can see all my tasks set out and a total time for the day’s work, the feeling of pressure I often feel (there’s not enough time!) is gone!

The downside is of course, you have to spend five minutes actually listing out all your tasks, and if necessary chunking them down into smaller bits. The developer, Dennis Becker, sends a few emails with some tips and tricks for managing time around his software. You know how they say, if you want something done ask a busy person? Well I reckon Dennis is a busy person, because this nifty little app certainly works like this busy person (me!), thinks!

Highly recommend this one! Dennis has got teaching videos for all the steps but to be honest I’ve not watched them, it’s really easy to use. Read more at Action Enforcer.

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