How to Get What you Want

Since reading Money Isn’t the Problem, You are a couple of weeks ago, the idea of ‘want’ being a negative has really stayed with me.

I’ve long advocated that negative thoughts and ideas are highly useful, because they give you contrast. That is, when you are experiencing something in your life that you don’t want, use it as a pointer to what you do want.

But Money has me refining that thought a little…

Want” in earlier dictionary definitions refers to ‘lack‘. Think of the old expression Waste not, want not, which means you will never lack what you do not waste.

The word want therefore actually refers to lack. When you say I want more money, you’re really saying I lack money. Great, I thought. So use another word. I desire [whatever]. Nope, desire also implies something is lacking.

So what do you say? The language of affirmation is always useful – I have, I am – but sometimes that just activates the critical little voice (CLV), and while we can tap it out, that’s not always convenient in the moment.

Fortunately, the ideal language already exists:

I allow.

I allow more money in my life.

I allow life to be easy.

I allow my renovation to be smooth.

I allow technology to work perfectly for me.

I allow, I allow, I allow.

It seems to not activate the CLV as quickly or as often, and is easy to introduce to your language patterns. Set up your watcher to notice when you say I want, and then repeat what you just said, using I Allow.

To remind you, I made a little poster for you to print out and put wherever you’re likely to see it. Click here to download it.


  1. Kathryn on 20 May 2009 at 5:23 PM

    Dear Sandra,
    I like this post. To the point yet thorough! I am ALLOWING with fullness!

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