The Problem with Affirmations…

If you’ve been around the EFT world for any length of time at all, you’ll know it’s generally believed that affirmations don’t work. Until now that is, with this powerful new work by the masterful metaphysician Dr Sylvia Hartmann, called "Power Affirmations".

I like Sylvia Hartmann’s approach to life and healing in general, so when I received an email about her new book I thought I’d have a read of her sales page anyway, even though I’m fairly convinced that affirmations pretty much don’t work. Why they don’t work is that we all have subconscious but powerful limiting beliefs, or "yes-buts", that trigger an internal argument or discomfort when we make statements that are clearly not true.

But, I trust Sylvia and I know she would not be wasting her time or mine writing about something that just doesn’t work. Still, I did think – "What, Sylvia’s writing about affirmations? Why?" – before I actually clicked on to her site. And I liked what I read, enough to decide that $20 wasn’t a huge risk if it turned out to be more of the same old affirmation stuff, and I bought the book.

At just 40 pages "Power Affirmations" is a quick read in Sylvia’s very conversational easy-read style.

Now, I have read a lot about positive affirmations, because part of me wants it to be true that making clear statements about how I want to experience life, will be enough to make it happen.

For at least fifteen years I’ve studied many books and DVDs about affirmations, attended lectures, listened to the audios, run a subliminal program on my computer, and in more recent years even joined a membership site or two, all in the quest to find the key that would unlock the door that I would step through to finally "get it"!

But I never did get it. Everything I discovered seemed like so much soul-searching was required, and constant focus, and it was all something I would put off actually doing until I had more time.

And the EFT explanation for WHY I didn’t get it made sense; all my yes-buts were getting in the way. I’ve diligently worked on finding my yes-buts and clearing them, and I know there’s a long way to go still.

I also know I’ve got to "feel" the result I want, because charging it up with emotion makes the affirmation more powerful. I teach people how to process their emotions, I know how to process my own, I GET the emotion stuff. But I just couldn’t get connected to the big house or the flashy car or really any other hook – I

But Dr Hartmann taught me, in two pages, how to put the emotion in to anything! It is so simple, and so clear, why didn’t I see it before? And that’s what I love about her teaching style – she understands where most people trip over the basics, shows you how to step over and up, and then takes you deeply and easily into how and more importantly WHY to create your own affirmations.

She also taught a simple amazingly-powerful way to completely nix the yes-buts. I tried it and felt the most incredible shift in my energy, that was really unexpected. I’ll be using it every day, easily and seamlessly!

She also covers things I’ve not read elsewhere, like meta affirmations and affirmation cascades, and her own unique Vega Pattern.

If you’re looking for a book that gives you lists of affirmations about any particular subject, this is not the book for you. There are no lists. Also, Sylvia Hartmann has long explored the evolution of consciousness using the language of magic. This makes sense to me, but it might not make sense to you.

But at the end of her book, all I can say about Power Affirmations is: I get it. Finally!

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